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Customized Control shape varies in Windows XP to Windows 7


Hello all

 I have created few customized control icon and used in my application,for development i using windows XP ,screen resolution -1280X1024,when i use the Exe created in Windows7 system with screen resolution 1280X1024, the customized control icon resizes it shape.

i have tried by enabling and disabling the scaling and proportioning of panel objects in a VI to see the difference ,

File>>VI Properties>>Window Size>>Enable - Maintain proportions of window for different monitor resoltion & scale all objects on front panel as window resizes ,

please find the attched image for reference.kindly help me out ,if anyone have the solution to overcome this.

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I don't know for sure, but your problem may be the font changes between Windows XP and Windows 7.  By default, buttons have boolean text centered in the middle of the button.  Even if the there is no text, the button will still resize with font sizes.  To prevent this from happening, right click the button to select the properties and deselect the option to center the text.  If you have disabled showing text, you will need to enable it, deselect centering, then disable text again.

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