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Custom numeric control values, uneven increments

Hi, I want to create a numeric control with some custom behavior, so that I can use it in several VIs without copying the logic. I have the basics working in the attached VI, but I don't see a way to use it in another VI. Basically, I have a regular numeric control, but I want its values to be constrained to a finite set of legal values in non-linear increments; and when a user types in a value it gets coerced to one fo the legal values.


custom frequency control.PNG


Is this possible to implement as a sort of custom control?

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I would recommend that you take at look at turning this into an X-Control. X-Control are custom controls that actually have processing associated with them. Once written, the control looks like a simple terminal on the block diagram but in reality there can be a fair amount of processing that takes place under the hood.


Fair warning though, X-Controls can be tricky to get working. However, they are extremely powerful.

Mark Yedinak
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Hi Mark, thanks for the quick reply. It does seem that an XControl is what I want to use. My only trouble now is that I'm working on a client's Full Development version of Labview, and XControl authorship requires the Professional Development version.


Is there another -- perhaps less elegant -- way to get my VI version of the control to be reusable in other VIs?




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