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Custom llb icon in user.lib

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I have an LLB with a set of VIs that perform a set of routines I use in multiple apps.  I have added the llb to my user.lib.  Is there a way of creating a custom icon for this?  I would like to avoid using the default icon and have an easily identifiable icon (to me) for the group.  I have several other groups that I would like to do the same with.




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I think you can do this with the VI Package Manager from JKI Soft.  I haven't done it myself but am planning on doing it this weekend.
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Hi Bob,


no need for a package manager, you may use the built-in icon editor to do your job!


In LV7.1 you go:

-Tools menu -> advanced -> edit palette views

-navigate to the sub-palette icon

-right-click -> edit submenu icon


In LV8+ you may need a different menu item to start palette editing...

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You may also want to rethink your use of an llb to store VIs that you are developing (as opposed to deployment). A single corrupt VI in an llb will make the entire llb unreadable and an llb is not very compatible with source code control. Save the VIs in a folder or put them in a lvlib.
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