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Custom Teststand UI: Preload Module Hangs when using DoClick Method

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Hello everyone,


i have a problem regarding my custom Teststand UI. When i start my sequence Using the Test UUTs Entry Point (Entry Point 1 Button) everything works fine. But when i want to start my sequence with the DoClick Method on the Entry Point 1 Button, the sequence hangs at the "Preload Modules" Step.

What could be the issue of this problem ? I always thought the DoClick Method really simulates a Click on the Button ?


Thanks for your help.



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Dear Stevie,


try putting the DoClick method into a SubVI and configure its preferred execution system to something other than "User Interface" or "Same as Caller".


More information can be found here:

Andreas Gareis
Staff Technical Support Engineer, NI Germany
Certified LabVIEW Developer & TestStand Architect
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Could you try using the execute method instead?  I have an example below.  My guess is if that doesn't work either, there's a problem with the sequence.

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Dear Andreas,


thank you for your answer. After i got no answer in the forum, i contacted the technical service, and they had the exact same solution for me and it worked. I forgot to post this answer in the topic, i'm sorry.

Best regards,


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