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Custom Project Template - Default Icon Overlay

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I'm creating a project template for members of my team to use, but I'd like to change the custom icon overlay that gets used when you first create the project. Essentially the icon is 10 pixels in the y direction and I want to use one that is only 8 pixels. It doesn't seem to be using one of the icons in the LabVIEW data folder. Does anyone know what icon it is using so that I can overwrite it? I looked through the LabVIEW Icon API folder in vi.lib as well but didn't see a .png file that was getting used.

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I figured it out. In case anyone ever searches the topic and needs the same info:


The default icon overlay isn't a physical png file, but is actually created by the vi "" in this location: C:/Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2018\resource\dialog\NewProjectWizard\Icon Overlay.


I just needed to change the height of 11 to 9 and now my default overlays are the size I want.

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