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Cursor snaps to invisible plots

Dear All,


I have a XY Graph with one draggable cursor and several plots. The user can set the visibility of any plot he or she wants and the cursor can be snapped to any plot on screen. The problem is that cursor also snaps to invisible plots - thus confusing the user. Sure I could remove the plot entirely from the graph when it is set invisible, but this seems kind of "overkill" solution when I would just prefer having sort of "plot is unsnappable when invisible" -attribute.


This issue has been discussed before a couple of times a long long time ago, but I was wondering if there is already some acceptable solution to this problem ?






Old discussions:

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This is weird indeed.


I can't get the cursor to be linked to only some of the plots, it's either free, one or all... But then why do we have the options "Watch muliple plots" and "Watched plots"... How to use these to correctly?


I've made a quick and dirty example VI to test that but each time i try to hide on of the plots and at the same time unlink the cursor from that plot I get a LV crash.


LV 2010.


If anyone can help, I'm interested in this too.

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Antoine Chalons

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My guess is those attributes are only working when you have a Mixed Signal Graph. Even though you managed initializing the cursor mode as "2", it doesn't really work on ordinary graphs.


To me it's sufficient to have an ordinary Graph with Cursor Mode "1" (Snap) and Cursor Plot set to "-1", so that I can jump to any plot online. I just wish those invisible plots would be skipped automatically.

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