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Current Value Table vs Global Variable Performance

Hi All,


What are the difference between Current Value Table vs Global Variable Performance while values are written in 1 location and read at multiple location.



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I don't have specific benchmarks but if you were going to benchmark the CVT library (assuming you're using the default read and write polymorphic VIs) you're going to have to take into account how often you expect the tag name string input will change. If the string name is the same as the previous iteration the read/write functions will essentially just be a string compare and then an FGV access with either an index array or replace array subset operation. 


If the tag name input changes you will add a couple of comparisons and variant lookup in order to get the tag's index which will be slower (by how much I don't know).

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA

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What if we have multiple tags maybe around 100 numbers or more?


Is the global variable always update all the values on the front panel even only 1 of the values has been updated/Changed.

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Cool I never heard of CVT. Pretty sure I ride goldberged this one lol.  I guess I'll learn more about it, sounds like it's valuable for abstraction.  Kudos for the new word 

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