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Cross-platform development - Windows to Linux

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I am unclear about the meaning of some statements in the paper at:

We have a Corporate VLA for LabVIEW Professional Development System (2010 SP1 and 2011), running under Windows, now Win 7 (64 bit).

1) Is "NI LabVIEW Application Builder for Linux" necessary and sufficient to develop a stand-alone executable to run under a Linux distribution?

2) Is Application Builder for Linux included and accessible from the Professional Development System?


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You need an additional license for the Linux version of LabVIEW. You cannot simply buy the Linux app builder alone.
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I see that I added to my confusion by leaving out the second doc link.

On the page for "NI LabVIEW Application Builder for Linux", it states:

  • Create stand-alone executables for distribution and deployment
  • Distribute code to developers and create shared libraries
  • Remove block diagrams to protect intellectual property and prevent changes
  • Included as part of the LabVIEW Professional Development System

That final bullet is what I was driving at.

I haven't seen a way to select Linux as a target platform, but then again, I haven't used App Builder much yet, and only for a Windows target machine.



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Accepted by topic author Dave_Bell
08-27-2015 04:09 PM
You CANNOT select a Linux build from a windows development system. You can only build a Linux app from the LabVIEW professional version for Linux. You either buy a new license for that or give up on the idea. You've already said you only have a windows license.
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What is so difficult to understand????

You need to purchase LabVIEW for Linux.

Did you actually think your license of LabVIEW was for Windows, Mac, and Linux?????


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No need to be snarky, nyc!


I stated that I was unclear or confused about the process.

Obviously (now), the point is that we ned a license for "LabVIEW professional version for Linux", not a license for "LabVIEW professional version".

Since what we do have is not explicitly titled "LabVIEW professional version for Windows", the question seemd valid.

And even if it was specifically "for Windows", that wouldn't completely rule out the possibility that cross-platform builds were not supported.

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We have a LabVIEW application that we would like to port to a Linux based platform.


The compilation of Linux we want to port to is MontaVista.  Will LabVIEW for Linux run on this OS?  If not, can it be adapted for MontaVista at what difficulty?


Also, in general, does LV for Linux support OOP/LV Classes?




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I have LV Linux 2009. I have never been able to completely install (Just install with serial and GPIB) drivers.

There is not one version of Linux in existence that would completely install LV Linux !!

Ask for help from NI and no help yet!!

Good luck with Linux version 

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I would expect drivers (other than simple ones like you mention), not work on LV for Linux.  You do get DAQmx Base, that will work with some NI devices (mostly USB, Ethernet) typically where the interface is generic.

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