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Creating the Equivalent of a Single Axis Stepper Motor Indexer in a cRIO

I am looking for some FPGA code that implements a complete (or near complete) Single Axis Stepper Motor Indexer function on a cRIO using an NI-9474 DO module. 

For those that aren't familiar with the term "indexer", an indexer is a pulse generation subsystem that provides pulses to  a stepper motor driver that in turn drives the windings on a stepper motor. Some vendors provide a combination indexer/driver units that are issued motion commands via a number of communications standards.


The FPGA indexer should:

Output pulses in the 1Hz-800KHz range.

Run the stepper at constant velocity continuously or for a fixed number of steps.

Implement an acceleration/deceleration ramp when changing velocity.

Implement clock-wise and counter-clock-wise limit switches.


I  have some demo code provided from NI that proves to me that an FPGA indexer is feasible, I am looking for some examples of a more complete indexer.



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I am not aware of any examples of this being implemented.  You mentioned that you have some demo code.  Where did you get this, and if it wasn't from the website, could you post it?  It is very possible that you can build off of this example to get the behavior you'd like.

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