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Creating array of numbers and every certain time we take one number from the array

Hallo all,


I'm Working now with a project to connect Chamber with the Labview and control the Temp. i can control the temp manully from the labview and every thing works very fine,but my supervisor told me to create an array and fill the array numbers of temperature ,and the every one hour for example the program take one temperature  and send it to the chamber. Attached you can find the VI from the labview I have create but without the array can any body help me to solve this problem??



Thanks all


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Have you learned about Arrays in LabVIEW?  Have you learned about Loop structures (While loop and For loop)?  Have you learned how For loops work with Arrays?  Have you learned about the Timing functions, including Wait (ms)?


If the answer to any of these is "No", spend a few hours with the introductory tutorial material found on the first page of this Forum.  If the answer to all of these is "Yes", then apply what you've learned and do this yourself.


Bob Schor

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Thank you I found the Solution by myself 

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How did you do this communication with chamber? 

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