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Creating a scaled scroll bar in live video.

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With "Vision utilities" I'm trying to create a scaled scrollbar in Live video with Overlay I got it up to a point but I couldn't do exactly what I wanted. The problem is that the numbers are repeated but I haven't been able to create full synchronization. sample code here

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You have an image, Grab, and add an overlay to it. Then, next iteration, you add an overlay to it, this is repeated. The overlay is never cleared. Those IMAQ references are funky... It's not by value.


So clear the overlay before adding to the overlay...

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Also, check out the for loop 😉. That avoids copying the same thing 5 times.

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 Thanks for your reply. I don't know exactly how to do this 🙂 If I knew I would already. Can you help a little more, you know there are hardly any examples on this topic.

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actually i'm trying to create indicator like this but on live video.

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You can use a control\indicator, and then get it's bitmap, and draw it in the image.


You can try to simply put the control over the IMAQ image. Or get the pixels of the image, and draw them in a picture control (you'll loose a lot of functionality).


Sorry, I don't have NI Vision installed at the moment.

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thanks for your answer.But this answer not solution my problem.because I am not know how to solve this problem.

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Accepted by topic author constructionworker

I found such a solution. And it has been useful for me now.

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