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Creating a project from existing code


I'm relatively new to the LabView projects situation, being an old 7.1 guy.  Given that, I have several existing codes that I'd like to organize under this project platform.


Can anyone provide any pointers on the best way to go about this?


As is typically the case, I have a main VI with a variety of subVI's.


Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Create a new project, right click on My computer and click Add>File (main VI) or open the top level VI and select File>New Project. The top level will be automatically added.
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Thanks, Dennis.  That seems straightforward enough.


One followup question:

I have two main VI's (one called "basic" and another called "advanced") which both use the majority of the same subVI's.  Should I create two separate projects?

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I would probably use the same project though I have yet to have such a situation. Maybe someone with more experience can provide pros and cons.
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You do not need to create 2 separate projects. In fact if you put them in separate projects, they will prove to be resource-heavy as the Run-Time Engine will have to be evoked twice. Hope that answers your question!


Ipshita C.

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