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Creating a drop down menu for user with an array

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I am sure I am over thinking this, but what I would like to do is create a drop down menu the user can choose from.  I would take the items from a .csv/.txt file, populate an array, and from that array the user could choose which item they would like to select.  I am familiar with getting the items from a .csv/.txt file and placing in an array, but after that I am stumped on how to put it into a control the user can select from.  I have tried this, but the control is not changeable when running the vi.  The Select Type 2 control is not able to be changed.  I would appreciate any ideas (the answer is probably staring right at me....) Thanks!image.png

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You can't change the strings of a enum during run-time. Use a ring instead.

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I am seeing multiple Event Structures in your image.  That usually points to doing something wrong.  You might want to post the entire VI so we can get a better idea of what you are trying to do with this value.  But my immediate thought is you have multiple event structures trying to handle events, but they are locking the front panel while waiting for the event to be handled.

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That was it!  Changed it to a Ring and fixed it.  For some reason I thought it was a Ring but apparently wasn't.  Thanks again!

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