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Creating a DLL or EXE from a VI

I have a VI which is including sub VI's and ftd2xx.dll for communicating with the USB and CPLD.\


1. The VI works fine in LABVIEW envioument, but when I am trying to create a DLL or EXE file from 

the main VI i don't get a desired functionality.


2. I am using LABVIEW 2015 64 Bit and application builder tool in order to create the EXE file.


3. I am adding all the desired header files to the build.


I appriciate any help regarding this issue.


Best Regards,


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Where you store your ftd2xx.dll?
Set "Specify path on diagram" for calling dll.
Also set indications of results dll calling and write errors if it exist.

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Are you working from within a LabVIEW Project?  And why are you running LabVIEW 64-bit?  If you really need the memory space (and have the memory to support it), it may make sense to accept the reduced functionality and fewer Toolkits for LabVIEW 64-bit, but most Developers run LabVIEW 32-bit on Windows x64.


If you are in Project, right-click Build Specifications (at the bottom) and choose either New Application (EXE) or New Shared Library (DLL).  Feel free to make use of the LabVIEW Help for these topics.


You say "I don't get a desired functionality".  What does this mean?  Do you get an error message?  Does the Executable fail to load and show its Front Panel (as though you clicked the "Run" button)?


Can you take your routine, save it under another name, and strip out most of the complicated stuff just to see if building anything works?  Do you have access to a LabVIEW 32-bit installation, just to see if there's something awry with your system?


Bob Schor

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Are you sure that this is a LabVIEW problem? I just did a quick check on Google and found a bunch of questions about fixing problems related to this DLL. Specifically about the DLL being "missing".


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