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Creating VI to calculate work using MyDAQ

I am trying to design a VI that calculates work and displays the volt reading using a small turbine and the MyDAQ device. Any suggestions?

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Take pencil (or pen) and paper and write down what you want to do.  You mentioned "volt reading" -- how many volts (max, min values), how often are you "measuring" it (are you making occasional measurements when you "push a button", or are you taking samples of the voltage (which might be changing in time) at some (typically fixed) rate?  What controls do you want over the process?  What outputs (graphs, flashing lights, numeric values) do you want?  How do you intend to take the inputs you get from the Operator (button pushes, values entered into a Control) or from your MyDAQ and create meaningful output (plots, sounds, etc.)?


Once you know more exactly what you want to do, then learn sufficient LabVIEW that you will be able to program your task(s) using LabVIEW.  If you have any programming experience and know how to think logically and "sequentially", you should find LabVIEW is very well suited to handle these tasks for you.


Since you're using a myDAQ, and presumably may even own such a device, I'm going to assume you aren't afraid of a little work to really learn how to do DAQ well in LabVIEW.  I strongly urge you to read "Learn 10 Functions in NI-DAQmx and Handle 80 Percent of your Data Acquisition Applications" (I've recommended this enough that I remember the title -- if you Google the first 5 words, you'll find it).  It is a very good introduction to DAQmx, particularly the concepts of Task, Channel, Read, and Write that you need to get data into and out of your myDAQ.  Avoid using the Dreaded DAQ Assistant, and absolutely shun its Evil Twin, the Dynamic Data Wire.  And learn a little LabVIEW.


Bob Schor

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