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Create installer problem

When I tried to create an installer I got the message see attachment. What can be done?
I note that the application has been successfully compiled and executable works.


My computer runs Windows 7 Pro - 64bit and LabVIEW2013-64biti version. I have installed on the same computer LabVIEW2014-64biti and LabVIEW2015-64biti.
Thank you.

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It's because installer is searching for installer of that NI Error Reporting Interface. So you have two choices:

  1. Deselect this component (if possible) on the tab of installer options "Additional Installers".
  2. Download installation of this NI Error Reporting Interface, or package which contains this installer, and select is as media, when such a window appears.

And during exe creation you don't have this error, because Application Builder during exe building does not care about installers.

Hopefully, it'll help...



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I found on the forum others who have the same problem with LV2014.
One of the proposed solutions was that besides LVRTE2015-64biti to install LVRTE2015-32biti.
I did so and now worked to creating installer in LV2013.
It's a little weird, but it worked.

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