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Create SSH buffer before ADC


Hi ppl!


I would like to know if it's possible to create in labview an option to re-route AI to a buffer before sending the data to the ADC.


I will elaborate:


- Have 2 USB multifunction DAQs 6289;

- I know they don't support simultaneous sampling (unfortunately);

- I need to do 16 cycles of 28 measurements (simultaneous or very very close); 


So, since my hardware does not suppor Simultaneous Sample and Hold,  my question is:


Can I create a buffer or an SSH  similar system in LabVIEW?

The buffer should accept the 16x28 measurements before sending to the ADC (basically bypassing the ADC

until all the measurements are done).


Hope it's clear enough and someone can help.


P.S.: I'm using labview 8.6 and I cannot afford to buy new hardware since these Boards are new :smileysad:



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Your card has a mux to the ADC. Have you looked at the architecture in the manual? The only way you get multiple channels is by the mux switching from one to another. The mux is why you don't have simultaneous sampling and why your scheme will not work even if you used the SDK and bypassed DAQmx. You'll jut have to settle for setting the interchannel delay to be as small as possible.
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Thanks Dennis! I thought so but wanted to confirm it! Smiley Sad there a way to minimize the interchannel delay? How can I do that?


And also, I am having a hard time understanding how to use the correct sampling rate

so that I get the smallest interval possible between ai0 and ai1, etc...


I keep getting errors when I try to use the 80MHz or 20MHz sample clocks as timming source.... 


Any suggestions would be much appreciated!Smiley Wink



Thanks again!



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Any thoughts??


Help would be appreciated...




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Maybe this will help.
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