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Coverting a 0-5v signal to 1 x 10-9 for leak detection

I am creating a VI to read a 0-5v signal out of a Varian Helium Leak Detector.
Any one care to help?
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you ask for quite a bit. you want a finished vi?Smiley Very Happy

could you expand on the system? Varian has an ethernet connection?  the traditional rs232? for those 2 you will have to look at the user manual for the commands. send the product nb to look it up.

 or is it direct 5V analog out (doesnt sound probable to me, but who knows). if so you will need a DAQ card.


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LOL, Yeah sure, smileywink:

Actually The communcation is RS232, and I have the DaQ system setup for 0-5v.

Just not sure on the display conversion.

Thanks for any assistance you can give


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That's pretty confusing. You say you have RS-232 communication and are setting up a DAQ system. What's the DAQ for?
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I placed a 6035 A/I card in my PC
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Good for you. I still don't understand why you have a DAQ board and you really haven't explained what kind of problem you are having or where you need help.
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Do you know how a leak detector works?
It display's leak rates in  (x) X 10 -(x2)
X is from 1 (low) to 9 (high)
X2 is from 1 (high) 12 (low)
1 x 10 -9 No leak  (1.0 v from Detector RS232)
9 x 10 -2 Big leak (5/0v frp, Detectpr RS232)
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No, I have never used a leak detector but do you know that RS-232 does not put out variable voltages? It sound like what you have is a DB9 connector that you need to wire to the DAQ board. That's pretty common but you don't have RS-232. I would recomend that you start by testing the DAQ board in MAX. For simple applications, you can use the DAQ Assistant. For help in getting started, you should look at the information at
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It might be a good idea to crack open the manual on this device and see what it says.Smiley Wink
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Dennis is right:
either you have RS232 which is only for serial communication with computer, or you have only analog output.
Knowing Varian, i would say you have the "normal" rs232 communication port. if so, just open the manual, and there will be written in big letters, the commands in hex you need to send and the format of the incoming data.
i will fetch up a small vi today to do what you ask. if you would send me your pdf of catalog i would look up the commands. if not, i will write the standards commands and formats that i am used to with Varian pressure gauge.
... And here's where I keep assorted lengths of wires...
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