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Count the total data result of a day


Hi everyone....


I have a array as shown in the attachement. I want to calculate the total number of OK and NOK of that particular day.

    Here in attachement i have no. of OK's\NOK's for a single date.I want to get an array with a particular date and corresponding no. of OK and NOK.

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Seems simple enough.  What have you tried?  I would start with a FOR loop to autoindex on the rows.  You then perform whatever logic you need to based on if the data changed.  Shift Registers will be essential here to store your output array, current date, and the number of OK and NOK.

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The LabVIEW Forums is not a "Do My Homework For Me" service.  You have clearly stated the homework problem, but have not shown us your code (and please, attach your VI, not a picture of it) and asked a particular question about where you are "stuck".  We don't know what you don't understand, so cannot provide appropriate help.


Bob Schor

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Additionally the (more or less) same question has been asked here.

Please stick with one thread, avoid double posts!

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