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Could somebody convert a library and some VI's (5.0.x -> 8.6.x)?

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I have some VI's which I can't open in LabView 8.6.x. They were saved in LabView 5.0.x.


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Attached are in 8.2, which you can open in 8.6. Not sure if they will work since they're looking for some DLL that was not included.
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Thank you very much! The most of VI's are looking for *.lsb files, but others are fine.
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  As I am a new LabView's user, I have never converted a library or VI's, so I would like to know some informations. You said that they were looking for a DLL... This happened in the convert process? Or you tried to open a example? I tried to open the VI's which you converted, but they are looking for .lsb files. I couldn't find a C code or CIN objects related to the ADAC board which I am using. I have gotten the drivers and VI's from the manufacture's website, but they were built in LabView 5.0.x.

  I would be glad if you could help me.



PS.: I got a DLL when I downloaded the files from the website.



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To convert them I simply mass-compiled the directory. Mass compilation is done from the Tools->Advanced->Mass Compile... The mass compilation has to load each VI. Several subVIs in the AdacDaq\Advanced used the Call Library Function Node function, and it was looking for the ADLCORE.DLL dll.


I have no idea why when you're opening them it's looking for .lsb files. That has to do with CINs, which are something different. I did not get this. Are you opening a specific VI that's doing this?

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All ADAC_examples are looking for lsb files and the most of user VI's are doing it too. ADLCORE.DLL is one of the two DLL that were added to WINDOWS directory in the installation of the board's software. Didn't the missing of these files affect the subVIs's compilation?
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Hmmm... I must have missed the search for the CINs (that's the .lsb files). The CINs are not being used by all examples, though. The CINs were not included in the file you attached, so perhaps it's a component of the board software that had the ADLCORE DLL.
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Really? Here all examples are missing the CINs. So, didn't the VI's miss the CIN's while the convert was running? I would like to know if the absence of DLL files made some difference in the convert process.
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The "Easy AO Update Channel" example does not use the CINs. Several of the subVIs (e.g., "AL_InitDevice") make use of the ADLCORE DLL, however.


Not having the DLL would not affect the mass compile. It will just flag it as part of the mass compilation report. The VI will still be converted.

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Could you explain where you got the files? A lsb is normally loaded into the VI with the CIN and once loaded, you no longer need the actual file itself. A CIN is pretty old technology and if I recall, there were some cirmumstances where a CIN would not convert to a newer version of LabVIEW.
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