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Correct setup for a voltage measurement of 5 4-20mA pressure signals with a common GND (See the picture)

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I am planning to use the NRSE -setup for 5 4-20mA pressure meters that share a common GND. I drew a physical connection diagram according to the connection diagram that the DAQ Assistant suggested. However I am not sure at all if it is correct or not... Smiley Sad The 500 ohm resistors are for converting the 4-20mA to 2-10V. I am using a NI USB 6353 DAQ.


Could someone check the diagram for me?


Thank you.

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Accepted by Aleksi-

Hello !

As far as I know, that should work.

By seeing your diagram, I guess that you want to use AI0 (pin 1), AI8 (pin 2), AI1 (pin 4), AI9 (pin 5), AI3 (pin 10)...and AISENSE (pin 13) for common reference. If so, that should be OK. 🙂


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Yes, that is correct. Thank you for your reply, now I can get back to work! Smiley Happy


Have a good weekend!

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