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Copying Probe Data To Notepad


Hi everyone, 


A lot of times when debugging code I want to copy probe data to notepad (text file).  I right click on the probe data I want to copy and select "Copy Data" but when I try to paste the data into a text file it doesn't paste.  Is there a way to do this?


Thanks so much!

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"Paste" the data from the probe watch window to a blank vi Block diagram rather than notepad..


Actually that's probably a little known feature of the PWW.  But it works wellSmiley Surprised

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Thanks Jeff Bohrer.  Sometimes though you want to send this information over to someone else while trying to debug code.  Is there a way to pull the data from the Probe window and into notepad?

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Not that I am aware of but, That's what gotomeeting is for.  get someone esle right on your machine

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You might vote for this idea - Right-clic​k -> Copy Data should copy TEXT data

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Hi all,

I'm no expert and as I regularly rely on the many good folks on these forums to help me out, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share how solved this as I don't often have much to contribute.


My approach...  "Copy Data" from a right click on the probe...  paste it into blank VI... wire it to "Write to Spreadsheet File VI"... gave it a filename...  and run it.  Then opened the resulting file in Notepad and begin copying and pasting to your hearts content.


Cheers, Iain


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