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Copy and Paste a cell of a Multicolumn Listbox

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Good day.

I have a simply but tricky question here. How can i enabling the Copy and Paste (CTRL+C CTRL+V) function for a single cell of a Multicolumn Listbox? I have developed an entire application using the Multicolumn Listbox and then i found that i can't copy the data.....


Thank you in advance for your time,



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You can extract the data into an indicator and then copy that data to your clipboard. You can throw this code into an event structure so that it executes at the press of a button.


Copy data to clipboard.png

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This could work if i want to copy the entire row, what if i want only one cell?


By the way, thank you for the interest.

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there is an invoke node in the App- Section:


Copy to Clipboard.png


So you have to extract the string from your cell and copy this to clipboard. And with paste operation vice versa...


Greets, Dave
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Ok, this could work. I need to managing the highlighting of the cell programmatically, it is not a clean interface but it can work. What if i also want to capture the CTRL-C and CTRL-V combination?

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Found out by myself. Thank you guys!
Yours help was appreciated.

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I have exactly the same question as you.

Would you whare your solution with me ?

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