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Coordinate transformation VIs wanted

I am looking for well testet coordinate transformation VIs to transform NED, ECEF and geographic coordinates.

Did anyone already work on this in LabView?


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Hi Standardnutzer,


I am not 100% sure, but from what I have seen this could help you along:


Community: Conversion of geographical coordinates - National Instruments


Does that work for you?

But looking through the forum and the database, I only see the option that the NI Harware can output both NED and ECEF, but the conversion is done in the GPS Toolkit:


do you have that available?

Best, Niko

Niko NR
Systems Engineer, National Instruments
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Hi Niko,

the Community solution only does a part of it. Also it appears to be to be in a draft status rather than mature software.

I didn't take a closer look to the Satellite Navigation toolkit since it seemd to be unreasonable to use a 5000 Euro toolkit for coordinate conversion.

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Going on the Web, you can find various references to the coordinate transformations you describe.  Figure out what equations you need to implement, then code them up in LabVIEW.  Don't worry about being "elegant", just start by implementing each of the transformation functions one at a time.


Bob Schor

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