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Converting a 1sec file for a continuous file


Well guys, I have a VI that read and write 4 voltages and 4 currents in each second... so it's generate a file with all those samples...


Now I made another VI that open that file and convert it to a continuos file. Example: In the first moment the file have like 60 seconds, but the graph show 1 sec then another second.... so i have to pass it 60 times to finish the file. In the new file I have a graph that show all the samples in 1 graph.


But my problem is... the first file have 60sec. the second one after I convert have like 70sec.


I have to know why the file is becoming bigger than the normal!


Can someone help me on that?


I will upload the screen shots:


This is the VI that convert the file



This one is the VI that read the new file:



The subVI's in convert VI.. is only some conversions that I made.... but the conversions isn't the problem, so I don't upload the subVI's.



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It seems like the loop doesn't stop until you hit the stop button.  For the write file loop, you should have a condition that would terminate the loop when you finishing writinng.  Same goes to the other loop.




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