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Convert transfer function to system model

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There is a convenient "SI Convert to Transfer Function of" in the system identification toolkit, but is there a VI to go in the other direction? I have used the system id tools to estimate the TF of my system, but I would like to compare it to basic first order system response to my real stimulus data.


I can build a first order TF using the "CD create 1st order" but I don't know how to then turn this into a continuous system model into which I can plug in my real data.


I am able to construct a system model using the "SI create system" but it is a polynomial model, if there is a way to coax this into the form of a basic 1st order exponential, that would be a great solution as well.



(I'm experienced with LV, but my control theory is rusty and I'm totally new to the CD and SI modules - so I apologize if this is a silly question) 

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You can use SI Create Partially Known Continuous Transfer Function Model (1st Order).vi and SI Estimate Partially Known Continuous Transfer Function Model (1st Order SISO).vi to estimate a 1st Order TF, in which the parameters are defined as in CD create 1st Order

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Perfect, thanks! (I don't know how I managed to miss those!)
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