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Convert backslash code text to actual control codes within a string.



I am probably overlooking something quite simple here. I am reading in commands from  a .txt file, one of my commands is used to specify the termination charcters that I want added to the end of all subsequent serial communications message strings. So my .txt file command may read: Termination Characters=\r\n


In my Labview code I need to be able to convert the \r\n text to a real carriage return\line feed string that I can then contacenate onto the end of my message string.


I am aware of of how string controls and indicators can be made to display the \ codes but that is not my probem here as I am actually not using any controls or indicators anyway. I'm simply reading the control code text from a file  and want to convert them to "real" control codes for inclusion in another string, as if I had contacenated the carriage return and line feed constants to another string within LabVIEW.


In otherwords how can I parse the  backslash codes so they result in their constant equivalents?


Hope this makes sense






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Take a look at the code below, it uses the Search and Replace String function to do what you are trying to do.  Let me know if this doesnt help.










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... and if the cr lf are not always together...




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