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Convert analog voltage to velocity




I'm new into the DAQ systems. I have a air velocity sensor that outputs 0-10v analog signal (Degree Controls F400).

It outputs 0V for 1m/s

               10V for 20m/s


I want to map the input values so that labview will display 1m/s for 0v, 10m/s for 5V, 20m/s for 10V and so on.


You assistance is highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance


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Hi Dilshan,


Where are you having problems?


If you use the DAQmx VIs to read the voltage, you can apply a custom scaling to convert the output to m/s.


If you have some other data source, and so you receive a voltage directly (or you want to avoid using the built-in scaling), you only need to use a linear equation to convert from one to the other - just make sure you know what equation values you want (because initially I thought you wanted y=2x+1, but I see that doesn't fit. Then I considered y=1.9x+1, but you also list 10m/s for 5V, which would fit more likely to y=2x (which doesn't match the 1m/s at 0V point)).


Make sure you've checked the range you expect (perhaps it reads 0V at 0m/s?) and that the expected output is linear. If not, use a different equation! LabVIEW can do whichever you need.

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Please try:

Velocity = 1.9 x Voltage +1

I hope this will work for you.

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