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Convert a 10 bit grayscale imag to color

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Hi, all

    I am a 8-year labview experience programmer, but new to image procession or NI-Vision. And now I have come to a problem with image conversion.

    I have a image acquision board which acquires 1k*1k 10 bit grayscale image, I saved the acquired image into *.raw format (binary), and now I am required to convert these image into bmp (jpeg,png,or diff) format. When I try to use the "Imaq save 2" VI , I got a error saying something like "not supported image type". After searching this forum, it seems as if I should use a color-type image to save as the bmp format, but to receive my 10 bit raw data, I should first create a U16 Grayscale image. So how can I solve this problem?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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My guess: You are referring to the "IMAQ Write File 2.VI" as I don't know any "IMAQ Save ... VIs".


The "IMAQ Write File 2.VI" does not support writing 16-bit BMPs.  You can take this information from the supported image types of this VI, see here.  Look at the images above the VI description: "IMAQ Write File BMP 2" says, it accepts the image types "U8" and "RGB32".


Proposal: Write a PNG.

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Saving as PNG is OK!!!

And I can save as bmp by converting from PNG, through a indirect way. So does JPEG.

Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

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