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Convert Hex string to number

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I have a hexa string coming from a VISA serial communication which give me FFFFF756 but when I convert it to a decimal I got 4294965078. I used Hexadecimal string to number function.


How do you do to obtain a signed result ? Sometimes the hexa is positive and the other times it negative (in this case).


Thank you, Best regards.

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wire a I32 constant to the "default (0 U32)" input of Hexadecimal string to number function and use a I32 indicator.

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Unlike other programming languages, the LabVIEW help system is very good and easy to understand (mainly because they can refer directly to the picture without you having to interpret cryptic "Conventions Used in This Guide" issues.  (What to brackets mean?  What do italics mean?  etc.)


Start off with enabling context help by clicking on the [?] in the top right corner of every VI front panel and block diagram, or by pressing <CTRL> + <h>.  Mousing over just about anything now gives a brief description of the node.  Most of the context help also has a link to detailed help, too.  NI has done an excellent job of making the detailed help easy to understand.


When I first started with LabVIEW, the LabVIEW help system was my best friend.  Although a close runner up was the search box.

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