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Convert CIN to Call Library Function LabVIEW 2010

I have some old code that has CIN calls from LabVIEW 7.0. When I open the code, it throws errors because the old code uses CIN; which is not supported by LV 2010.


Here is my problem, the CIN calls are from an old hardware driver that is unavailable. (The developer is not responding and doesn't have the software online) I have the .lsp files that were used to create the nodes but I have no way of knowing (that I know) which lsp is being used in which CIN node. ON top of this, I am not even sure that the Call Library Function node will work with compiled LSP files.


Does NI maybe have a good utility for porting these over?


Thank you!


- Michael

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For others: cross-posted on LAVA ... please check there before providing information so as not to repeat questions/comments.

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Unfortunately, there is not an NI utility for converting these and Call Library Function node can only use .dlls.
At best, I was able to find some forums online concerning converting from .lsp to .dll, but none promising
enough that I would recommend to you.

If you need more information on the Call Library Function node, please see this example.

Tori W.

National Instruments
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