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Controls in one smartphone vi control other open VIs..

This is what my code looks like:
As I drill into sub VIs keypad movements move the cursor in parent VIs. Now that's annoying but what really sucks is when you exit a VI some times that enter command also actuates the button on the parent VI that brought you into the sub VI. Essentially making a loop. Any thoughts on how to focus the keypad movements on the current VI only?
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Hi gt5816v,
maybe it helps, to check if the vi where the event occured, has the focus, or if it is the top level vi.

Message Edited by MikeS81 on 04-22-2008 07:57 PM
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The VI that "should" be in focus functions properly but some keypad and button presses are relayed to it's parent VI. Does that make sense?
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I have tried adding key focus to the sub VI but it doesn't seem to help. Any input would be really helpful Smiley Happy
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Would it be possible for you to post your VI? I looked at the screenhots you had provided, however, I wanted to play around with it.

Mehak D.
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I will build a source distribution tonight and post it tomorrow.
I'm thinking I need to determine if the vi is the current top level or not and disable the getPDAInput VI based on that.... Trying to find a good way to implement this now.
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I tried posting this as an attachment but no worky..
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