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Controlling property node inside a arrayed cluster

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I need help on how can i change programmaticaly a color of led/boolean on a specific element in an arrayed cluster.

attached is sample vi, i need to change the color of the status led boolen to yellow if the sn = 'No Unit'.


tried to use property node but it did change all the element in an array. 

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Accepted by topic author cmdrb

Arrays must contain identical elements.  If those elements are clusters its not an issue but lets simplify your array to an array of booleans for clarity.  but each element in an array most have the same properties.  You will not be able to change the Colors4[] property on one element of the array although you can set the Colors4[]property on ALL elements of the array. 


In your case- it sounds like you need a control type that can have multiple values (color box) to display one of several colors (Green=good ser, Yellow = No ser, Red = Bad ser, ect.) and not a boolean that has exactly 2 possible values.  Here's a custom button I got as a gift a while back.  See if it helps

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Hi Jeff,

Cant open it, i am still using 8.6 version of LabView.

Is it possible to attach it as a screen shot of the vi.


thanks in advance.

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Here is the control above saved in LabVIEW 8.6.



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Thanks Jeff, Thanks Zach,


I got it working. I added a color box inside the cluster.




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