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Controlling power supply through second ethernet port of NI9074

Hi, everybody.

I'm trying to send some commands to power supply, Agilent N6701A, using cRIO NI 9074's second ethernet port. I have done the following configuration:


-PC-Host: Windows 7, IP, subnet, gateway  and DNS in blank.


-NI 9074: first port (eth0): IP192.168.0.2, subnet, gateway and DNS

second port (eth1): IP, subnet


-N6701A: IP, subnet, gateway


I'm using a straight cable between Host and eth0, and a crossover between eth1 and N6701A.


I made this simple project but I'm not achieving to turn on/off the power supply. Where is the problem?

Thanks for help

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Hey jonesjol,


Usually there is more to do than just send commands to the instruments (e.g., set up correct baudrate, send a set of primary required commands in order to make the device start receiving commands, and so on).


My first suggestion is download the Instrument Driver for your Power Supply (N6701A). There is two options for doing that:


  1. So go to and search for "N6701A"
  2. Download it through LabVIEW (Tools >> Instrumentation ... >> Find Instrument Driver). The Wizard will guide you through the steps of searching, dowloading and installing, and using the API.


Give it a try and tell me if it worked for you.





Felipe Flores
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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I have downloaded before the driver and it didn't work. If you see in the project I've done I used low level functions those are used in the N6700 driver.

The problem is the configuration of cRIOs' second ethernet port and power supply.

Any other advice?



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