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Controlling indicators on top-level VI using subVI controls?

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I'm still learning LabVIEW, so appologies if this is pretty basic.


I'm trying to de-clutter the front panel of my main VI by moving some of the less frequently used controls into a subVI. The idea is that when the user wants to adjust these controls: 


1.) The user presses a button on the main VI to launched the subVI front panel.

2.) The subVI front panel opens and the user adjusts the values of the subVI controls.

3.) The user presses a button to close the subVI front panel.


Ideally, the relationship between the top-level indicators and the subVI controls should be the same as when all of the controls and indicators were on the main VI - i.e. as the user is playing with the controls in the SubVI the main VI should still be running and its indicators should be responding to the changes made on the subVI controls in realtime.


I'm assuming this is possible, I'm just not eactly sure how to build this relationship between the main VI and the subVI.


I just need a nudge in the right direction on this one, thanks!




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You need to create references to the controls in your top level VI and pass them into the subVI.  Then have the subVI write to property nodes such as Value using those references.

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Worked perfectly, thanks!

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