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Controlling an Addi Data CPCI-3009 via LabVIEW

Greetings everyone, as title implies, I have one of those ( and I would like to control it via LabVIEW to make some independing measurements. The site doesn't help much, as it states it has some LV drivers, but not for the 3009, and lots of links are broken, so my question would be, has anyone worked with those in the past? Do you know if it's possible and if yes, what do I need to get them to respond? In the meanwhile I will keep searching, hopefully something useful will pop up in VIPM or the 3rd party instruments. Thanks in advance.

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Hello Daikataro


Unfortunately, I haven´t work with one of this cards and is not something NI Supports directly. I couldn´t find any drivers in our site at 


Have you tried contacting the vendor directly? They have a technical assitance email. 


Contact A-Tech Instruments Ltd.


Hopefully, you find this information useful.



Omar R.
Applications Engineer
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Yeah, think I forgot to make the cross reference here as well. I have since found a way to invoke functions with LV via the .NET dll provided by manufacturer. My problem had shifted to controlling them without getting error 1172, and has since, progressed. Will eventually post solution when I finish it.

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