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Controlling a digital out with square wave

Hi all.  I'm completely new to Labview, and programming.  I have a cDAQ with a digital out board, and a thermocouple board that I want to use to get readings from thermocouples, and then have that control a relay.  I found on this forum where you can use the PID VI to create a square wave which can then control a heater on/off, but I can figure out how to hook it up to my simulated digital out daq module.  I've attached the code that was completely copied from another post.  

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If you are very new to LabVIEW, I would advise you to first go through some online tutorials/webcasts (e.g.

And could you please list the hardware you are using?

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I've gone through Core 1 and on Core 2.  I'm using a compaqDaq 9134 with 9472 and 9213

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You will need to add a DAQmx digital output task. I would recommended looking at the Digital - SW-Timed in the NI Example Finder if you are new to using DAQmx and don't know how to do this. Additionally, attached is a screenshot of an example of what you could do.


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