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Controlling XNET while loop speeds with XNET Read VI.


Up till now I've been using DAQ-mx Tasks wired into a DAQ-mx read vi inside a while loop.  Typically the sample rate of the data recording came from the configuration in NI MAX, or through DAQ-mx timing vi's.  However, now I am using an NI 9862 to record 2 CAN signals, with the session coming in as "Signal In Single-point".  I know that the "CAN resample rate" node will not work unless I use other session types.  So I would think that the while loop executes at its max speed.  To slow it down to a configurable level using a front-panel control, what should I do?  I could use the wait function and scale it accordingly, but is that the best way to set my data recording rate?  I don't know if XNET behaves differently.



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Hi Kevelev,


If you look in the NI example finder for the XNET example named "CAN Signal Input Single Point" it uses a 100 ms wait until next ms multiple to control the timing of the read loop. It should work well for you too!



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