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Controlling Sampling Rate with NI DMM/NI SWITCH Handshaking?

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What is the best way to control the sampling rate when using the NI-SWITCH/NI-DMM handshaking? I realize that often you are handshaking to take the measurements as quickly as possible. However, there are occasions that I'd like to really slow that process down.


I have built an Action Engine for the NI-DMM and for the NI-SWITCH and am wanting to know where to implement the timing "slow down".


Is it by setting the Scan Delay within the niSwitch Configure Scan Trigger VI?


Otherwise I'm not sure how to do this and get a time stamp for each measurement that is taken for each channel.





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Hi Kellen,


It does appear that the scan delay property would slow down your scan rate. Below is the detailed description of the property.


Scanning Configuration: Scan Delay Property


Let me know if you have any follow up quesitons.




Finch Train



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