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Controlling IMAQ camera capture via DAQmx operation

Dear all,


I am working with a PCIe-1427 board connected via link to a camera (SUI Goodrich) and am also using a PCI-6731 board to which I have attached an M-series SCC-68 connector block.


I have been successful in writing code for controlling .avi capture from the camera and writing separate code to control the switching of an optical switch connected to the SCC-68.


The two lines of the optical switch relay differing information and I wish to alternately introduce this information to the camera for analysis.  Ideally I wish to trigger the acquisition of the camera capture with the optical switching such that each frame contains information of a single channel only but I have been unsuccessful as yet in the integration of the counter DAQmx operation with the IMAQ camera code. Smiley Surprised


Is this possible?  I see from 1 previous post that through the use of an RTSI cable I can connect the two devices together (or alternately use the DAQmx to output a trigger on the digital lines).  Can anyone suggest information or an example on how to route signals from DAQmx via RTSI to IMAQ?  Also is there anything that I should be looking out for with regards the pulse generation to the switch which allows the signals to be passed via RTSI? 


I find that by running my camera and counter code in the same vi both will work (obviously not in sync) - if I connect the RTSI and select camera settings to accept RTSI triggers, should this be a simple solution?


I would greatly appreciate any insights you would have; my time is running out very quickly and is really distressing. Smiley Sad


Kindest regards and thanks,


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In my app I have setup a sync'd video capture to a multiple of the AI scan clock which I have routed to PXI Trig0.  I then setup the IMAQ Configure Trigger3 vi to accept a trigger on RTSI 0 which NI has thoughtfully connected to PXI Trig0 on the PXI chassis backplane.

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Hi sachsm,


Thanks for your reply. 


I am unsure what you refer to by 'routed to PXI Trig0' - can you please elaborate.  I have my RTSI cable configures in MAX and I am using IMAQ Configure with the trigger set to 2 so that when the assertion edge of a trigger is received, the buffer list is acquired.


Please see my code below.  Should I adjust my trigger settings in MAX? It's currently set to internal.


Kind regards,


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I am sorry, I misread your post and thought you had a PXI chassis board.  According to this article your board does not have RTSI

frame trigger so you would need to use external triggering.

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