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Controlling Hamamatsu Camera with LabVIEW

I am using a Hamamatsu 1394 ORCA-ERA Camera in order to save microscope images on a PC. Im my lab, we are attempting to automate the process of saving an image from this microscope, and coordinate the time of the image capture with a function performed with LabVIEW. 


As the 1394 name implies, this camera is connected to our PC using a firewire port. Is it possible to control the function of this camera with LabVIEW through a firewire port? What additional LabVIEW libraries would I need in order to perform this task, if any? Finally, is it possible to use LabVIEW to control a program called micro-manager that we currently use to save images? I know the Hamamatsu API supports both programs, but I am not sure if cross-communication between them is supported. 


Thank you for reading, any response is greatly appreciated. 


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You say the API supports LabVIEW.  Does it have any example code for you to start with?  Typically driver sets include examples to make it easier to work with their API.


If it works with that API, I'd see if you can get that to work with taking the images without using the second program.  You can typically use something like system exec on a Windows machine to run programs.  I'm not sure of anything that works similarly for a Mac.  Does micro-manager have an API you can use to make calls to it?

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