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Controlling Dc power supply via RS232

This should be enough to get you started.


As already stated, you can make your own driver using VISA and the commands you need.  I highly recommend making VIs for each command you need.  That will make your coding a lot easier.

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Remember to check the following:

  1. Wire Connection from PC to Supply as shown on pg 41 of the manual
  2. Configure the RS-232 Communication settings for both the PC and Supply as shown on pages 40-41 of the manual.  Both the PC and the Supply must be the same.
  3. Using LabVIEW, load the proper VISA Configuration from step 2 then send (VISA Write) the string
    where the \n is the newline character.
  4. Still within LabVIEW, receive (VISA Read) the response from the Supply.  It should respond with a string that starts with the following:
    ODA Technologies,EX-Series,...
    Make sure to set the Read Buffer length to 200 in length.
  5. Now end the connection (VISA Close) by wiring this to the end.
  6. This string of commands will be used over and over for sending any other SCPI commands besides just *IDN?\n. 


NOTE: An error will occur from the VISA Read when a command is sent that does not request a response from the Supply.  To correct this, only run the VISA Read when the command string sent to the VISA Write contains a "?".


Good Luck.

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