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Controlled timimg

I am using several signal to control a valve. IU want to control the injection duration theefore, I am trying to control the time generated signal is turn on for. I have several signals in the loop and want to run the VI for 7 seconds then turn it off the signal but still have the other loop in the programme still running. In other words I dont want to shut down the entire programe after 7 seconds but just the generated valve signal. I have tried using an Elaspsed time IV but this does not seem to work..

Please see my VI attached.

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Wow. Everything is BIG in this VI... the front panel, the block diagram, the loops in the block diagram...

You should learn about Producer/Consumer. It can help you a big deal to reduce size and to accomplish what you are looking for.



CEO: What exactly is stopping us from doing this?
Expert: Geometry
Marketing Manager: Just ignore it.
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