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Control of Webcam through labview program

Hello, I am an undergraduate design engineer and have been tasked with controlling a webcam for use in a conferencing environment ( i.e. one webcam is controlled to move between four users).


Is it possible to control a motor or servo to point in a particular direction of the speaker, for example four people at a round table, the webcam is turned via a centrally placed motor/servo to the person speaking, to capture their image by the webcam connected to the motor.


What VI's will I need to create to achieve this? I understand that I have access to a N.I kit and controller board.


I have little to no experience with labview or any other programming environment, and apologies for anything I may have overlooked or poorly communicated within my post.


Any input or help would be appreciated to get the ball rolling with this small project.



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You can use a simple USB DAQ card and a stepper motor to do this Job. The main problem would be is to find who is speaking and where the webcam is currently focused.


The best solution is the one you find it by yourself
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The plan was to use an array of microphones at different quadrants around the camera so that any microphone picking up the loudest volume would be the direction that the camera would pint, does this sound more achieveable ?

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