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Control Value:Set Method for a Remote VI


Hello everyone,


I'm trying to toggle the value of a boolean control in a global variable in a remote PC using VI servers. 


Control Value_Set.png


The "Current State" boolean is always read correctly, but I'm having problem with setting the value of the control to the new value, and it remains unchanged. Any idea?



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That boolean isn't a Latcher is it?

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No. Switch when pressed.

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Very late on the thread, but since I stumbled on the problem and found a solution, I might as well share it here:


The problem with the Control Value.Set Method is, that it doesn't trigger an Event Handler if that is listening to a ValueChange event. To achieve that, you must use the Value (Signaling) method on the reference of the control you're trying to change.My controls are organized on a tab, so one could leave out the selection of the tab control..


See the attached image on how I did it. I used the now disabled structure to get the index of the control I wanted to change. Not sure if you have to close all reference like I did.



I hope it helps, and I'm always happy for suggestions what I could improve.


- PK

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