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Control Stepper Driver with DAQ and LabVIEW (A4988)

Hello, I want to control an A4988 stepper driver with LabVIEW and a DAQ similar to how you would control it with an Arduino. 


I want to create a step index array of T/F in LabVIEW to send out to the driver via "daqmx write". This would essentially just be an array of pulses, TRUE or FALSE, as a digital output of a multifunction DAQ. Then I will put a 4 ms wait inside the loop after each pulse.


I just want to know if this is doable?


I have attached a screen shot of my LabVIEW code.


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Hope its possible to Drive stepper motor using DAQ (Digitial IO).True/False will trigger Clockwise and anticlock wise direction movements.

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,
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