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Control Orientalmotor AZ via Modbus RTU (RS485)

Hello everyone,


I would like to control a stepper motor with a LabVIEW program by RS485 via Modbus RTU.

There is little documentation on the internet, but the manual is quite good.

I have connected the driver with an internet cable, and it is connected to my PC via a USB to RS485 dongle.


To control the motor, we can use the app MEXE02 and modify the motor data.

Using the LabVIEW program, I would like to execute the Operation Data n° 27 to 36 – as shown in the screenshot below.



I think I can use the manual part 7 – 10 Operation data R/W command (p385).



If I understand correctly, I set:

  • Port: COM3
  • Baudrate: 115200 bps
  • Slave address: 1
  • Communication parity: Even
  • Stopbits: 1 bit
  • Timeout: 3


I created the LabVIEW program just below:



But the motor didn’t react, and I can’t understand my mistake, everything seems to be fine. Maybe it’s more about the structure of the ModBus communication.


I'd be very pleased if you could help me and explain my mistakes.
Thank you in advance.


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First of all post the VI, not a screenshot. 

First question why the multiply by 64 ?

Show how you connected the RS-485 interface.



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