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Continuous process input

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Hi all,


I have a program that would process some user input continuous, even though the user input has not been changed.  If the input values are changed by user, the program will grap these new values and generate new output.  Everything works, except for one thing. 


After the user enter a new value, the user will have to either press enter or click on another input control for the program to regonize that a value as changed.   Is there a way to fix this, so that the user doesn't have to press enter or click on another control in order for the program to regonize the new value?  Thanks!




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Sting controls have the "Update Value While Typing" setting which will work.


Numerical controls do not have the setting if typing in a new number using the keyboard.

The increment and decrement arrow do update.


You could use an event structure key up event for the input controls to capture the key stroke to update the value in a numerical control.


Or use a timeout after no key up to change focus away for any control to force the value in.


Make all your input strings with Update value while typing and add code to convert strings to numbers if needed.


I still like having to hit the return to commit the change so I can change my mind or edit it before the program reads my changes. What about reading a partial input? When the input string is not complete and the program read in an incomplete input and reacts to it. 

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I agree with you


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