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Continuous data acquisition .vi Questions?

Hi Experts


Well i am quite new to lab view and would like some advice.


I am working on a .vi which will have 4 analog channels from the Daqmx these chanels i want to make as flexible as possible in setting up and disabling on graph and sample rate and so on, these channels will be read out on a graph(+ export). The read out's will mainly be from flow/pressure sensors.


Please have a look at my .vi and come with inprovements and comments. 


Working on following functions:


Full setup 4 Channels

Disable/Enable Channels/Plot's

Color of plot's

Save and Load controls

Improve code (Loops + data control)


Future functions would be :



-Recording / Exporting


Looking forward to some feed back!




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I'm not expert too but I could find  some information about some of your questions in below links and I hope that someone els can help you ferthure.

Good luck.



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