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Continuous EKG detection of time between R waves

I've been looking at other threads on the message boards and have found some helpful hints along the way about my question, but I'm not sure that I have found the exact one.  Basically what I've got is an EKG being read continuously from a patient simulator into labview.  We have filtered the waveforms and have a clean waveform coming in and are able to detect the heart rate continuously, but what we are trying to find is a way to determine the time in between each R wave continuosly but not add upon each other.  Essentially when a peak is detected over the threshold we set we want the time in between each detection to be displayed.  I hope this make sense and that somebody out there can help me out.  Thank you! 

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Hi Scar,


Have you had a look the at two discussion forum post below? They deal with calculating the time between R waves.



Arham H
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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